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What is a commercial interior designer?

Interior design coordinates the different stages of building and planning a space. It’s a complex process that goes beyond decoration and encompasses in-depth knowledge of the different tasks performed by all workers and collaborators on a construction project.

The Association of professional interior designers of Quebec (APDIQ) is the only organization that holds the accreditation to certify Interior Designers.


What is commercial interior design?

Commercial interior design refers to the interior design and architecture performed in various types of spaces and commercial environments such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, etc.

The layout of these spaces ensures optimal functionality and security so that the company can carry out its activities. Commercial interior design has a direct impact on business productivity as it improves the environment and therefore the experience for customers and employees.


What is the role of a commercial interior designer?

A commercial interior designer is a professional who creates and directs the construction of commercial spaces by coordinating the work among various professionals. He/she takes care of orienting and guiding his clients towards the best choice of materials, colors and furniture according to the space and the company.

To fulfill this role, the interior designer has a variety of skills and knowledge, thanks to his/her education and experience gained in the field in several areas:

  • Space planning
  • Materials used
  • Finishes
  • Human behavior in interior spaces

The role of a commercial interior designer lies in listening closely to the customer to analyze a company’s business model and its brand to understand its priorities and meet its specific needs.

He/she first analyzes the different trades in the workspace as well as the possible interactions between offices and different departments. Then he/she assesses the space, takes measurements and, based on the client’s preferences, develops conceptual drawings to allow the client to visualize the layout of the space. From these drawings, the final plan that will guide the build of the final commercial space is created.

Commercial interior design focuses on the relationship between space and the day-to-day operations of the business. It develops the best organizational strategies to optimize the workflow and experience for all space users, workers and customers.


What is the difference between residential and commercial interior design?

There are various types of indoor environments; residential, cultural, educational, medical, commercial and institutional. The field of interior design can be divided into many categories and specialties, but there is a lot of confusion about the difference between residential and commercial interior design.


Residential interior design

As the name suggests, the role of the residential interior designer is to plan and design residential spaces, whether houses, apartments or condominium complexes. These designers often specialize in a branch of residential design. So there are designers of kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, etc.

The challenge of residential interior design lies in understanding the needs of each client who sees their home as an integral part of their life and therefore have various requirements. Many people see the layout of their home as a subtle and tangible way of expressing their individuality. Residential design therefore requires a lot of research and creativity.


Commercial interior design

This type of interior design focuses on the planning and design of commercial spaces. Any design or renovation project for a commercial space requires a meticulous choice of materials, layout strategies, interior wall arrangements and space separation to respect the different relationships, operations and interactions between the users of the space.

The commercial interior designer has architectural skills as well as extensive knowledge in the functional distribution of spaces in order to optimize each layout.


How to design interior spaces for commercial customers?

There are several stages in the design of commercial interior spaces:

  • Discover and collect the necessary information from all users of the space.
  • Work with the client to understand the desired look of the space, analyze the corporate brand and develop a timeline for the project.
  • Use the analysis of the space and its uses to set goals and a budget that meet client needs.
  • Create preliminary plans and drawings according to the choice of colors, materials and furniture in order to develop a final overall design of the project.
  • Write contracts that detail all the important points of construction and interior design that will be approved by the client.
  • Specify all design elements: walls and their locations, plumbing, various installations, lighting details, etc. who will guide contractors and engineers.
  • Coordinate the work between the contractor and the various professionals to ensure that the schedule, safety and quality standards as well as the finish are respected and are in line with the client’s budget.


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Have a commercial project in mind?

Using the services of a commercial interior designer is a profitable long-term investment. The interior designer offers personalized solutions to give any commercial space a unique identity.

If you would like help from a commercial interior designer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can support you from A to Z whether it is for the design, construction or layout of your space.

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