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Why choose the design-build method?

16 September 2020

A construction project, big or small, takes time and a lot of energy. Between your busy work schedule, the soccer games of your children and your daily tasks… will you find the time necessary to choose the materials needed for your project and coordinate separate contracts for the architect, engineers and construction contractors?

In order to simplify your project and avoid unnecessary stress, hire a design build firm. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘’What does design-build mean?’’ Well, let us explain it to you.


What is the design-build method?

Design-build is a project delivery method whereby a single entity, the design build team (architect, designers and general contractor) works together with the project owner under a single contract from start to finish. Responsibility is thus centralized to an adapted and experienced team. This synergy helps reduce unforeseen events and delays during the different construction phases. 

This turnkey service allows better communication and simplifies project management, which makes cost savings possible and reduces the risk of errors. Your entrepreneur thus becomes the point of contact between you and all the other professionals. 

Unlike other construction methods, it is not up to you to manage all contracts with professionals, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and material suppliers. Project coordination is the responsibility of the contractor who takes care of your project.


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Steps of the design-build process

  1.  Selection of the design team
  2.  Preparation of feasibility studies
  3.  Design in collaboration with professionals and specialists
  4.  Call for tenders (to subcontractors), estimation and planning
  5.  Construction
  6.  Delivery and post-construction services


What is turnkey construction? 


 What are the benefits of design-build projects?

  1. Simplified turnkey service
    A centralized team to manage your project.
  2. Fast delivery of projects
    Since the phases overlap and all team members collaborate throughout the process.
  3. Cost reduction
    Your entrepreneur has more negotiating power with suppliers and subcontractors. The most advantageous and economical options are considered.
  4. Reduced risk of errors and unforeseen events
    Thanks to transparent communication between stakeholders.
  5. A specific budget and a simplified schedule


Choose SPACIA for your project

Design-Build is all about teamwork and cutting down costs during the design and construction phases. At SPACIA, the design-build method represents 80% of the projects we carry out. Based on our experience, we also offer support for your financing and the evaluation and selection of your location.


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