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C3 Solutions

Design an optimal new office layout and execute the construction work within C3 Solutions' budget and schedule.

SECTOR: Corporate office
CONTACT DETAILS: 1751, rue Richardson, Montréal, H3K 1G6
SERVICES: Turnkey project | Construction project management, architecture and interior design
TYPE OF CONTRACT: Cost-plus price contract
PROJECT VALUE: $ 500,000 - $ 1,000,000
AREA: 5,000 - 10,000 ft2


Located in a former Northern Electric factory, the office building of C3 Solutions provided the perfect elements to create a modern and dynamic environment in their image. The layout was designed according to the needs of the client who wanted to strengthen the corporate culture and facilitate collaboration between its employees.


The specific needs of the client in home automation, IT and electrical gave SPACIA a great challenge, which the team was able to meet brilliantly by delivering a professional and functional environment with elegance. Artofix acoustic panels have been added to the meeting rooms to meet sound requirements while remaining aesthetic. Finally, the space was optimized to the maximum according to the expectations of the client who wanted a very large kitchen, a rest room, collective work rooms, office spaces (benching style) in order to promote team synergy.