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Spacia: interior system specialists

Whether in new construction or renovation, the interior system installation work is essential to the well-being of building inhabitants (houses, offices, commercial premises, public buildings, factories, etc.). It provides significant comfort thanks to sound and thermal insulation combined with an aesthetic and functional design.

Technically speaking, it involves erecting walls and partitions, ceilings and acoustic tiles installation, gypsum installation, joints sealing and plastering and more. For more information, please refer to our detailed article about the interior systems.

Rigorous and meticulous work

Our team of experts operates in commercial and industrial interior systems. We take on projects of different levels of complexity whose precision and thoroughness are crucial to ensure high quality finishes inside your property.

Interior system installation

When installing an interior system, our team of experts and designers will perform a range of accurate and meticulous work inside your property. Here is a short list of the work it can be carried out:


  • Acoustic soundproofing

  • Mouldings and ornaments

  • Suspended ceiling installation

  • Joints sealing and plastering

  • Gypsum installation


  • Load-bearing and non-load-bearing metal studs
  • Fur and metal lathing
  • Steel nailing bases specified in the tender documents for which the elements to be supported are identified on the plans
  • Steel frames installation in our metal studs


  • Plaster coating, historical structures as well as moldings and columns (preformed plaster)
  • Joints draft


  • Acoustic wall panels
  • Indoor lightweight concrete and gypsum panels
  • Intermediate cladding panels such as Gyplap, Densglass Gold or others.
  • Thermal wool mat in exterior walls
  • Lead in walls for acoustic or medical purposes such as for a radiology building, etc.


  • Suspended ceiling framework (gypsum, acoustic tiles, caissons)
  • Ceilings such as slat ceilings, stretched fabric and acoustic tile ceilings

Read our article to learn more about interior systems

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