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4 good reasons to have experts in commercial design and architecture for your offices

As a construction company, we’re constantly looking for ways to stand out and be innovative. Design and architecture are elements that we put at the forefront of our various construction projects.

What exactly is commercial architecture? In fact, it has multiple definitions; however, in short, it’s the art of constructing buildings for commercial purposes. Its main objective is to showcase a business as well as its products and services. It goes without saying we also talk about interior design, as it concerns a redesigning project just as much as a construction project.

Many underestimate the long term profitability and scalability of interior design and construction companies. But always be cautious, call the right experts in order to avoid mistakes. Here are 4 good reasons why you should opt to do business with a commercial architect.

1Commercial interior design is more than just decoration

The design and layout of your office is a much more important aspect  than you might think. It’s the entire premise of what you want to portray ​to your customers and give them a glimpse of what your business is all about. When we mention interior design and commercial architecture, many factors need to be taken into account. Although, most are unfortunately forgotten when we don’t involve the right professionals! 

Among other things, psychology plays a major role in influencing the different environments that surround us. It may not be a reflex for most to consider psychology when making changes in a space’s design. Yet, the observation of architecture and design elements generates emotions.

For example, an individual will unlikely feel comfortable working in a disorganized or poorly thought out space. Of course a minimalist and inviting space feels significantly different. You certainly want to create a productive and attractive environment to keep a balance between your team’s motivation and ensure clients want to do business with you.

Choice of colors, separating working and living spaces, lighting, choice of materials, choice of furniture… nothing is left out! Every aspect is carefully thought out to keep up morale and comfort for everyone.

By integrating the colors of your logo in the decoration, using elements that reflect your brand, you allow yourself to create an atmosphere that best represents your values. Tes, an art,  because the results directly contribute to your company’s image.

An interior designer and a commercial architect are your allies in all your construction and renovation projects, their global vision and expertise make them not only trusted advisors but valuable assets.

2– Your office is a reflection of your company

When it comes to choosing the design of your offices, think about your company’s values.  For instance, if you advocate teamwork and well-being, you need to portray these values in your design. Prioritize large, open workspaces rather than cubicles. Add some plants and make sure there’s plenty of natural light.

If your offices are designed in an individualistic way and common spaces are not adequate to bring your team together, your company’s image is compromised. It is without a doubt that your values are reflected in your workspaces. 

Everything, from the color of the walls to the layout of a bookcase, needs to be carefully thought through. As mundane as it may sound, first impressions are incredibly important and every element of the décor comes under the client’s scrutiny. Commercial design experts have the ability to understand your needs and ensure that the image you reflect is as representative as it is effective.

3– Are you following trends? “Yes, but…”

Of course, everyone wants to follow trends! However, when we refer to design and commercial architecture, it’s important to remember that what we want to showcase is the company’s image, not just a “trendy” space. That’s why it’s best to focus on what you want to project rather than what’s trending right now.

It’s also important to make sure that the changes you make are going to be effective and will age well over the years. For example, thematic or overloaded rooms should be avoided because they are less versatile. A more refined decoration and layout with sober colors will be more practical and will last better through the years.

Just like in entrepreneurship, you need to envision your commercial space in the long term.

 4– Is instinct enough?

Contrary to popular belief, commercial architecture requires a lot of knowledge and practical know-how. Does having a good instinct help? Of course it does! but is it enough? Absolutely not! 

It’s a complex world where the knowledge of construction, materials, graphic design, plan development and much more must be combined. By hiring experts, you save time, money… and headaches. Why should you hire them? Because they can guide you in all your projects thanks to their knowledge of market prices, deadlines and materials… On top of all that, they already have good business relationships with key suppliers and will be able to pass them on to you.

How to choose the best architect for your commercial project? We’ll help guide you here: How to choose the best architect for your commercial project.

You can surely understand that commercial architecture is much more complex than it may seem! Do you have any construction projects or ideas for redesigning your space? Call SPACIA now so you can have your establishment portray your image.

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