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Fédération des Médecins Résidents du Québec

The purpose of the FMRQ is to study, defend and develop the economic, social, moral, academic and professional interests of the unions and their members.


SECTOR : Bureau corporatif
CONTACT DETAILS : 630 Rue Sherbrooke O bureau 510 à Montréal
SERVICES : Projet clé en main | Gestion de projet de construction et design d'intérieur
TYPE OF CONTRACT : Contrat à prix coûtant majoré
 PROJECT VALUE: 200 000$ - 500 000$
AREA: 2000 pi2


The project located in Montreal consisted of a partial reorganization of the offices including a multipurpose room, the transformation of the dinette into a large office, a reception area, a meeting room for the board of directors, a small conference room as well as a mechanography room.