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Reduce your costs using the design-build method

15 February 2021

Starting a commercial, industrial or residential construction project requires a lot of time, research, involvement and above all good management. It is therefore generally recommended to call upon professionals who will accompany you through the various phases of your construction or renovation work.

You have the choice between the traditional method where all the project management is in your hands as well as the coordination between the various parties involved or the design-build approach where a single company takes responsibility for the project.


What is a design build contract?

This is an agreement to be signed with a contractor who is committed to managing your entire project, from design to the final stages of construction and delivery. 

The design-build method brings together architectural, engineering and construction services in a single entity and under a single contract. This agreement can cover the entire construction process, just as it is possible to apply the design-build method to only one part of your project, such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems or certain renovation and fit-up work.

In this method, the contractor handling your project manages the contracts with professionals, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and material suppliers and takes full responsibility for the project.

Why choose the design-build method?


Why choose the design-build method? 

This method brings together the architect, interior designer, engineers and general contractor, improving communication between the various parties involved in the project while reducing costs and the risk of failure. 

You benefit from the services of professionals who collaborate together as members of a team throughout the entire process, thus connecting and fluidifying the project phases and ensuring timely delivery.

Design-build projects are carried out by a single company so the different aspects of the project are taken into account from the beginning and all team members have a clear plan to follow. This makes it easier to resolve problems.

How to choose your construction contractor?


What is the difference between the traditional method and the design build method?

The design build method

In the design build method, a pre-construction service is offered, which allows us to respect the client’s budget. Construction can begin even before all the plans are completed and modifications can be made throughout the execution.  The client can participate in calls for tenders and be aware of the bids in order to participate in the selection of suppliers based on the value of money.

The traditional design-bid-build method

The design-bid-build method is the most widespread method. The client hires a contractor once the plans are ready, which excludes the client from the initial decision-making process and can lead to certain conflicts between professionals. Differences of opinion can lead to various changes and can influence deadlines and costs.


Advantages of the design-build method

The design-build method allows you to benefit from several advantages:

  • Communication with a single company that takes care of your entire project
  • Respect of deadlines thanks to a close collaboration between the different members of the same team
  • Cost reduction through your contractor’s negotiations with various subcontractors and suppliers
  • Clear schedule from the start 
  • Better management of potential problems
  • Respect of design and construction standards to ensure better safety
  • The company manages the entire project, so the client no longer has to worry about coordination tasks.


What are the characteristics of a successful design-build team?

This method centralizes all responsibility in a single entity that has the necessary skills and knowledge. An efficient design-build process aligns team members from different disciplines early in the process to ensure professional collaboration.

Who are the members of the team?

A design-build team includes a team leader who deals with the owner and manages the various commitments, legal agreements and financial decisions. This is usually a general contractor who works with other consultants. There are also various design professionals such as the architect and engineer as well as experts in the construction field such as contractors, carpenters and interior system experts.


Better communication reduces your costs

Being able to establish the budget before you even begin your project allows you to reduce your costs and meet your deadlines. In addition, the design-build method facilitates coordination between the different parts of the project, and allows a better flow of information. 

Customers have much less business to manage and their projects require less management compared to projects managed simultaneously by different companies. Time savings also come from the increased coordination offered by this process thanks to a centralized point of contact that ensures better communication, especially between the engineer and the contractor.


A centered responsibility for an optimal management of your projects

This method avoids conflicts between different design and construction companies. In large and complex projects, it is quite difficult to identify the gaps. Engineers blame the general contractor, who in turn put the blame on poor design. On commercial projects, clients incur significant risk and deal with a single company to provide all services, which inevitably reduces the risks.


Spacia’s turn-key service

Spacia offers you a turnkey service to orchestrate your construction or renovation projects from A to Z. Our general contractor license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) allows us to manage all your construction projects while respecting your deadlines and budget. 

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