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#1 Commercial and Interior Designer

Balance beauty and functionality

Classic, contemporary and timeless design

Personalized and balanced spaces

What is interior design?

Interior design involves concept design and space planning. The design process requires an analysis of the client's desires, needs and expectations and takes into account the constraints of space and budget.

Interior designer: a bridge between specialists

A good interior designer will know how to make optimal use of resources, and coordinate the intervention of various resources in construction and development for commercial projects:

  • Architect and architectural technologist
  • General contractor
  • As well as the subcontractors who carry out the various development work (plumbing, electricity, etc.)

Interior designer or decorator?

If interior design involves the decorative arrangement of spaces, the work of the designer or design team goes beyond that of the decorator in that the latter will not make any changes to the structure of the building.

The improvements planned by the designer in the course of a project will involve in particular:

  • Demolition
  • Technical alterations of space
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Creation of custom furniture

Good architecture and good design, the ideal combo to improve your productivity and your turnover!

Why hire an interior designer?

The interior designer doesn't just have an aesthetic role. Of course, they must complete a development project that will please the customer while respecting their tastes and expectations.


However, their design plan must also take into account trends and ensure the durability of the decorative choices. Another one of their main concerns will be to ensure the functionality and ergonomics of the design elements, according to the client's goals and objectives.


Lastly, they will also consider the relevant building code requirements to ensure that your space conforms with legal standards.


Hiring an interior designer means making sure you get aesthetic, functional and ergonomic spaces informed by years of design experience.

Interior designer for your commercial space

Arrangement of your office and indoor spaces

Stimulate productivity and happiness at work with functional and motivating arrangements for your employees, from corporate office spaces to common rest areas.

Receive your clients in professional and up-to-date spaces, from reception to offices to meeting rooms.

Commercial design for your retail business

SPACIA will help you stand out from your competitors with original and functional layouts, which will take your commercial requirements into account to create your perfect space. We have completed projects in multiple niches and can optimize spaces in all areas of retail.

The stages of an interior design project with SPACIA

Introductory meeting

Meet with one of our specialists to discuss your unique specifications and perform a budget analysis. Whether it's a residential design or retail space, we have you covered. 

Development of your layout concept

Our designers will render your ideas into detailed drawings that will inform the rest of the design process. 

Design of technical plans and specifications

With the help of client feedback, our team will then move forward and begin integrating the designs into the building process.

Project management and site supervision

And of course, effective and transparent communication at all stages of your project! This is still your project, so we want your feedback every step of the way.

How to choose your designer?

Choosing who will take charge of your interior design project is more difficult than you might think. Several factors come into play!

A meeting should take place with a design firm to determine the best person to design your interior.

Type of development project

Depending on the nature of your project, not all professionals have the same experience or the same strengths. Be sure to ask detailed questions to your potential candidates to make sure the mandate is right for them.

Experience, competence, versatility

Ask for references, browse through their accomplishments, and make sure their portfolio and their aesthetic design techniques match what you love! And depending on the size of the development project, make sure they have the skills to handle all dimensions.

Hooked atoms

Beyond formal design education and verifiable achievements, the contact and spark between a client and a designer is of great importance. To deliver a layout that you like and that suits you, the quality of this contact is essential!

Why choose Spacia?

A versatile team

Respect of deadlines and budget

Unique approach to workplace design

Thoroughness and attention to detail

Limitless imagination and creativity


Have a project in mind?

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