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Interior arrangement | Residential and corporate spaces

Optimize your space and transmit your values

Our Services

Multiple-unit residential building layout & design

The layout or development of residential spaces (residential buildings, condo towers, etc.) gives personality to your buildings while optimizing space and natural light. Not to mention that the interior design improves appearance and comfort.


SPACIA puts at your disposal a team of specialists who adapt to all your requirements and preferences for your interior and exterior design needs. We offer you tailor-made creative solutions and we manage your project from beginning to end in order to exceed your expectations.

Office layout & design

The office is like your second home, design is essential so that your employees feel comfortable and stimulated in a space where they spend almost half their time. After all, workers are more productive in design offices.


At SPACIA, our goal is to transmit the values ​​of your company in your workspaces. Our personalized approach allows us to meet all your needs and requirements. No detail escapes us. We specialize in developing custom projects that meet your budget and deadlines.

SPACIA advantages

Custom project

Time saving

Money savings

Attention to detail

Exclusive resources

Energy efficient solutions

Our process

Preparatory studies

Before embarking on the project, we organize a meeting to get to know you. Our goal is to assess your needs, expectations and objectives (new construction, renovations, expansion, etc.). This allows us to determine the feasibility of your project and analyze the costs.

Conceptual development

At this stage, our team takes care of developing a technical plan and creating a visual 3D modeling of your space according to your needs. Together, we choose the materials, the colors, the lighting, the furniture and the accessories. We adjust the necessary elements so that the plan suits you both aesthetically and functionally. It is also at this stage that the budgetary objectives are defined.

Preliminary plans

Once the concept has been established and the expectations are well defined, we carry out the preliminary plans to concretely represent all the elements analyzed previously. It is at this stage that the different interior design possibilities take shape. Our team also creates a cost estimate for your construction and conducts a value analysis at this stage.

Plans and technical specifications

Once we have gathered all the information necessary to carry out your project, we move on to designing the final plans. The plans and technical specifications are the final plans which will explicitly direct the construction work and ensure the success of your project.


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