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Turnkey Construction Services Pointe-Claire

SPACIA is an ally of choice for businesses and individuals. We create functional and unique living environments in Pointe-Claire.

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What is Turnkey Construction?

Turnkey construction consists of signing a contract with a contractor that undertakes to manage the entire project from start to finish; whether it be for building construction or office design. With a turnkey contract, the contractor is responsible for managing the entire project from design to delivery.


Getting started in a commercial or residential construction project can take a lot of time, management and involvement. You must hire professionals for financing, building acquisition and the preparation of plans and specifications for construction, in addition to coordinating all the subcontractors.


SPACIA makes it easy for you by coordinating the whole process thanks to its turnkey design-build services. Our general contractor's license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) allows us to manage your entire construction project for you, from drawing up the plans to delivery.


Advantages of turnkey construction

  • Save time
  • More competitive prices
  • Effective communication
  • Single supplier
  • Risk reduction
  • Performance guarantee

Spacia is licensed by the RBQ

How does a turnkey contract in Pointe-Claire work?

You only sign one contract and we take care of everything else, it's that simple. Let Spacia simplify your life, with a turnkey agreement, we take care of everything. We assign you a project manager who will be responsible for communicating with you regularly in order to fully understand your needs and expectations. He will regularly track and share the progress of the project with you and will be available to address all of your questions. Whether for the refurbishment of your professional office or the construction of a new building in Pointe-Claire, Spacia has the expertise and know-how to deliver impeccable, professional and on-time solutions.

Why choose Spacia's turnkey services in Pointe-Claire

If you do not have the experience, the skills, or the time to follow up on your construction or renovation project, you are likely to make costly mistakes. Let Spacia plan and execute all the elements of the project; you will save time, money and hassle.

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